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Connecting to a high state of vibrational being, self-love & self-sovereignty are values we would all love to posses. It is possible to live radiantly in balance with nature, the universal energies & the modern world, when we maintain a dynamic energy care routine. Claire Law is the woman passionately bringing this vision to the forefront of anyone's life she graces. 

Offering a deep & intimate connection to your highest state of being through Claire's online courses, Indie Rose Ritual oils and social media platform, Claire is like a breath of fresh air amongst the healing clutter. Let yourself be drawn into her mystical world and allow the natural transformation to take place with ease and grace. 



Claire is deeply passionate about everything energy related and is a devoted daily mediator & energy worker on her own body.  From this journey of deep self healing & transformation over the past 10 years Claire has found herself make profound change in her life the past 4 years since becoming pregnant with her daughter.

“It was one of the most profoundly life changing moments of my life, even though it was so subtle & graceful, it was on a cellar level that I realised I was in control of every cell in my body..”
Claire has since devoted & committed to being a voice for the way in which we can be the masters of our bodies to create wellness & inner radiance. 


A place for you to imagine a life where the ordinary was no longer the norm, it was replaced by extraordinary, where every moment felt like you were being touched by angels, each choice was being guided by the entire universe & deep rooted intuitive knowing was a given. A life where you felt truly radiant in your own self. 

Claire Law is passionate about creating a deeper & more intimate connection to every cell in your body. Going through her own self-love journey, Claire utilises her experience as a mother and healer to create products that allow for direct relationship & communion with your entire being.

"It is within this pathway too deep wellbeing that a life changing transformation can occur." 



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