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Monthly horoscope

Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

You’ll be drawn to invest time and energy into your favourite people and past-times and travel, overseas and distant projects will appeal. READ MORE
The entry of Venus in Scorpio on the 5th will bring more passion and purpose to your daily life and some Taureans could experience a boost at... READ MORE
You may receive good news early in the month to do with work or personal ventures.. READ MORE
You can make progress at work and career-wise early in December, so be sure to take the initiative with your projects... READ MORE
You’ll enjoy the opportunity in December to socialise and bring more activities into your daily life that you enjoy. READ MORE
Venus in Scorpio from the 5th will improve your relationships and amp up passion in your life.READ MORE
You’ll appreciate the opportunity to bring more of a sense of stability and security into your life in December. READ MORE
Venus in your sign from the 5th will bring your lust for life and your predilection for romance, music and the arts to the fore. READ MORE
The sun and Mars will turbo-charge your month, improving energy levels at the same time. READ MORE
The entry of Mercury in your sign brings a chatty month, adding to your enjoyment of the festive season... READ MORE
Venus at the zenith of your chart will encourage you to revitalise your career and to seek fresh direction READ MORE
Romance, the arts and self-development will appeal and you’ll appreciate the chance to be with like-minded people this month. READ MORE