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With her love of alternative therapies and an appreciation for ancient wisdom, Dunja has had a curiosity for the occult from a very young age.

She was introduced to Yoga at the age of 21 and has used the practice as a return to centre ever since.

As the owner of Space Yoga Byron Bay, Dunja inspires to create a place where a unique blend of modalities combine to make a beautiful spiritual abode, where a sense of community can thrive.

Aside from Yoga, her unique interests led her on a path of self-discovery and years of education in a wide range of modalities starting back in 2012 when she studied Aromatherapy and created her own Handmade Skincare line. She became a Reiki Master in 2013 and over the years has been initiated into many teachings such as Shamanic Healing, Munay Ki Rites, Soul Regression, Cacao Ceremony and most recently Shamanic Breathwork. She is also a qualified Holistic Counsellor, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.

She is passionate about working with women and men alike to release ancestral and current life traumas and help them reconnect back to their own inner wisdom.


Her own personal journey as a woman and mother, have given her a desire to support women from all walks of life in regaining their own power through healing, ceremony, and ritual. She believes that the womb is a sacred portal between dimensions and uses Womb Clearing, Healing, and initiations to aid women to reclaim their connection.

Dunja is passionate about the cycles of life, death and rebirth and knows the importance of having the right support while being initiated into the various cycles of life, such as motherhood, womanhood, marriage, birth, death etc. She is a doula of these cycles and uses her sacred knowledge to support her clients in all stages of their journey.


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