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You've heard of Yoga, but have you heard of Face Yoga? The movement taking the world by storm, pioneered by a small but powerful group of teachers.

One of those teachers is Niki Terlich. From her home base in Denmark, Niki teaches men and women around the world Face Yoga techniques.

Energising, toning and uplifting, Face Yoga is the new 100% natural alternative to Botox.




Niki is committed to sharing and teaching Face Yoga as it has changed her life and believes that it too can be a vital part of your healing and health journey! Learn more about Niki’s Face Yoga program here and give it a try at this exclusive workshop to see how you can grow and change with this special daily practice. 

Niki's own Face Yoga journey started in 2015 after her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had 2 other children and was going through a divorce.

This was the most emotionally intense period of my life. 

"I didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror looking back at me. The corners of my mouth had turned downwards, my eyes looked lifeless and sad, and my cheeks had lost all their volume. I felt so unlovable. I was 34, a single mother of 3, and I couldn’t believe how defeated by life I looked and felt."


Your body is a whole, perfect being and is highly interconnected to all parts. Your expressive face is the first place to show signs of wellness, health, and vitality but can also be the first place to show the world fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, and sickness. With Face Yoga you are given the tools to heal and soothe yourself through your facial muscles, releasing tension and inviting radiance to your face. 

Learning about different Face Yoga styles and experiencing on her own face how the exercises would turn the clock back on her own face, she did Face Yoga teacher training and has added more courses in holistic skin therapy, Bio cosmediq and cosmetic needling to her toolbox, always on the look out for what works and feels the best. I consider myself an eternal devotee to understanding how we create the optimal circumstances for natural face rejuvenation.

Now, Niki shares her own style of Face Yoga based on resistance strength training, fascia release in skin and lymphatic stimulation. Which done together makes a super potent anti aging training for your face. She has developed a unique reclined Face Yoga style which is perfect if you suffer from fatigue, stress and burnout. And she has also developed a Kundalini Faceyoga Flow style which strengthens the nervous system and releases tension in the face on a deep level.

Niki has co-authored a Face Yoga book together with Holistic skin expert Tanja Eskildsen and Dansih beauty influencer Cecilie Blackstad; and has created the Face Yoga instructor program at the Scandinavian academy of holistic skin therapy.


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