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Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

Jupiter will boost your energy levels and could bring luck your way early in January. Pluto brings transformation to your life in 2023... READ MORE
January will be ideal for creating circumstances that put your health and wellbeing and personal fulfilment at the top of your agenda... READ MORE
You’ll love letting your inner social butterfly out in January. If you’re single and looking for a partner, you could meet someone upbeat. An unexpected meeting... READ MORE
January will provide excellent opportunities for zhoozhing up all your relationships. You’ll revel in socialising and networking and will find ways to broaden your horizons... READ MORE
Adventure beckons; be sure not to miss the call, even if it means making changes at home in January. You’re ready to break into fresh ground, not only in your career... READ MORE
January will give you the incentive to create more space in your life for the people and activities you love. The more you embrace the new in your career... READ MORE
Start the year the way you mean to carry on; look for contentment. In January, you may encounter changes in your daily routine or work circumstances... READ MORE
You’ll be drawn to invest in your love life in 2023, and January is already a good month to place the intention to bring more of what – and who – you love... READ MORE
You love to feel that adventure is just around the corner. January is certainly a good month to invest in fun and excitement, in preparation for the... READ MORE
You are undergoing a metamorphosis and will enter fresh territory, especially in your personal life. Be prepared to end the deeply transformative phase... READ MORE
Exciting opportunities will arise this year, both in your personal life and at work. First though, you will need to tie up loose ends so you can move... READ MORE
This will be a good year to consider altering aspects of your domestic life that you know can improve. You may contemplate down-sizing – or up-sizing... READ MORE