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Monthly horoscope

Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

July is full of potential for fulfilment– not only in your personal life but also financially... READ MORE
You’ll enjoy investing in your own interests and past-times, and a sociable approach to others will broaden your horizons too... READ MORE
Mars will join Jupiter in your sign and this will create a need for adventure such as travel, sports and spiritual development... READ MORE
The new moon in your own sign on July 6th will encourage you to turn a corner both at work and in your free time, so be proactive this month... READ MORE
In July, you’ll appreciate a steadier time, especially if life has been dramatic of late... READ MORE
Saturn retrograde will slow relationships down a little, and you may appreciate a less intense time than more recently...READ MORE
July will promote focus on your own nurturance and well-being, so be sure to take time out whenever you can... READ MORE
July will be a great month to balance your work-home life as otherwise you will risk spreading yourself too thin in both areas...READ MORE
July is an excellent month to be proactive, to collaborate and to have fun, as you’ll enjoy a more light-hearted approach within your close work and personal relationships... READ MORE
As you turn a corner in some key relationships, developments are likely to come to a head around the full moon on the 21st... READ MORE
The new moon on the 6th will encourage you to turn a corner within your health and well-being schedule so that it suits your current circumstances better... READ MORE
This could be via making a commitment or via stabilising your financial outlook, for example... READ MORE