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Meditation is a hot topic and for good reason. The simple but effective practice has almost infinite benefits to our lives and has become the cornerstone of healing. 

Blending ancient techniques with modern day humour, realism and an infectious passion for helping people, Nico Dimattina teaches the One Giant Mind 'Being' Meditation technique. From his home base in Byron Bay, Nico teaches meditation courses, holds silent disco drug & alcohol dance parties, and travels regularly for pubic speaking events.




Nico is a social entrepreneur, inspirational Meditation Teacher, Corporate Wellbeing Facilitator, Executive Coach, Community Builder & Podcast Host.

He is a former Silicon Valley Headhunter having worked at Google, Pandora & Coinbase whilst living in NYC, SF & LA. This career path felt unfulfilling and not in full alignment with his heart’s desires.

Nico’s journey led him to building a daily meditation practice which he has been committed to over the past decade. This helped him reconnect to his personal power, passion and purpose.

"My enthusiasm to teach people how to access and harness the beautiful God like presence within via so natural, and always flowing. Seeing the ‘aha’ moment on a students face when they click into the present joy is such a gift to witness!"


The 1 Giant Mind “Being” Meditation Technique is a super effective technique that harmonises our busy mind which allows our body to move into a deep state of relaxation resulting in effortlessly accessing our most natural state of awareness = our inner power!

The many benefits of practicing the technique include; reduced stress, more energy, improved sleep, enhanced focus and self-control, improved mental clarity, a greater sense of cam, stronger mental resilience, greater presence, increased happiness, a greater connection to yourself, each other, and nature. 

Nico has partnered with Coco Krulis to create Rise Ecstatic Disco, a silent drug & alcohol free disco event held at sunrise or sunset on the lunar cycle. Always in nature, the events are a safe space to express yourself through dance and rhythm. Passionate about helping people reconnect to themselves through movement, Rise Ecstatic Dance is making waves with people everywhere from Byron Bay to Melbourne


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