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Chibs is a stress and burnout expert, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitator, and former CEO and Founder. He provides tools to help organisations, teams, and individuals reduce and manage stress and burnout. 


Following a period of severe burnout that had a disastrous effect on his mental and physical health, Chibs stepped down as CEO of his multimillion-dollar business to reset, recover, and repair the damage to his health. 


When he discovered practical, scientifically validated tools and techniques for overcoming stress, overwhelm, difficult emotions, negative thinking, and overthinking, he made it his mission to share them with others. 


Chibs has created a unique framework, integrating MBSR techniques from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, positive psychology tools, and years of hands-on experience working with the Vagus Nerve and nervous system. 


His coaching, courses, and workshops develop two distinct domains: tools and resilience. 


Tools: Create a personalised toolkit. Participants access their toolkits when stressed, overwhelmed, or confronted with a challenge. 


Resilience: Cultivate a daily mindfulness meditation practice to boost baseline resilience. With increased resilience, participants require less frequent access to their toolkit.



  • Virtual meditation classes
  • 1on1 Coaching
  • Group and Corporate Meditation Training
  • Supercharged Meditation