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Monthly horoscope

Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

November brings a change in the way you share some of your projects and joint responsibilities such as your space at home. READ MORE
The Scorpio new moon on the 13th will kick-start a fresh phase for you in a significant business or personal partnership. READ MORE
November promises to be an enjoyable month, especially domestically and with family. READ MORE
The start of the month and mid-month are particularly romantic times for you so be sure to arrange events. READ MORE
Both early and mid-November will bring positive opportunities both at work and in your personal life. READ MORE
You will appreciate the sense that your efforts are beginning to show results, especially at work and financially. READ MORE
Venus in your sign form the 8th will feel re-energising. You may be surprised by news from someone you share duties.. READ MORE
This is your month, so seize the opportunity to break out of a routine. The Scorpio new moon on the 13th will kick-start a fresh phase in your personal life... READ MORE
November promises to be an adventurous month, with the chance to boost your status, career and finances early in the month. READ MORE
Venus at the zenith of your chart will bring your mind to your true priorities in life. Some Capricorns may experience improved circumstances.. READ MORE
November is perfect for revitalising your career and direction in life. READ MORE
The wonderful aspect between Venus and Pluto on the 7th will kick-start a process encouraging you to be more sociable ... READ MORE