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Monthly horoscope

Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

All roads lead to the Aries full moon on the 29th, when personal matters (for March Aries) .... READ MORE
There will be five planets retrograde in September, with Mercury retrograde until just after... READ MORE
Your sign’s ruler Mercury will be retrograde until just after the new moon on the 15th, when you’re .. READ MORE
September will be a good month to reassess your long-term plans, aspirations and career... READ MORE
You’ll make tracks by being well organised and forging ahead with key commitments... READ MORE
You are the zodiac’s best organiser and planner, and are able to project how you wish your life... READ MORE
The spring equinox on the 23rd marks the entry of the sun into your sign of the zodiac... READ MORE
Early in the month, you’ll already enjoy a sense of growth with key friendships, relationships and... READ MORE
Mercury retrograde may slow you down a little this month, so be sure to take things one step at a time... READ MORE
Mars will help you to gallop ahead in your career and with your plans in general... READ MORE
September will be an excellent month to reconsider how you share certain aspects of your life... READ MORE
You’ll gain the motivation this month to change things you no longer find fair or equal... READ MORE