at loyal crush,

we understand the desire to live a better life by adding meaning to everything we do.

Every purchase we make that supports cruelty free skincare or natural and organic beauty
brands is our way of voting for the future we believe in - creating a culture where no products
are ever tested on animals and non-toxic, natural and organic products are the norm.




A message from the founder:

The brand vision

“When I wondered how to help the environment, I realised business was the best vehicle for investment. Our vision is to build an online shopping hub that educates and empowers our customers to make positive shopping decisions that consciously make the decision to support cruelty free, organic and natural.

Donations make a big difference to charitable projects and I'm proud to say with every purchase made on the Loyal Crush website (no matter how big or small) $1 is also donated to i=Change to either the Seabin Foundation, Greening Australia or Her Future. Our success is a vehicle to make a wider impact on small communities through connection and philanthropy."

Zoe Gordon

OUr future

&the future of the beauty industry

We're here to help you make powerful purchasing decisions that include supporting businesses who are ethical - they look for organic, sustainable and natural ingredients and create beautiful products we love to use. We still want to practice our self-care routines while consciously supporting positive products that care about what they do and how they're contributing to the environment and their users health.

Loyal Crush is dedicated to bringing stellar beauty products to our customers that are always cruelty free. Our range of beauty brands are selected based on how incredible they feel on your skin and the ingredients made making them. We love to find beauty brands who are passionate about sustainable packaging, vegan alternatives and environmentally friendly production methods.

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