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"Happiness arises when you relax into the reality of your natural condition. The secrets of the universe are already in you as you. Seeking anything implies that you don't have it; every search for the idea of enlightenment leads you further away from it. The magnificance of life does not await you - it actually is you."
Mark Whitwell


My name is Sarah and I am a yoga student and teacher based in the Northern Rivers. I have been a yoga practitioner for ten years now floating in and out of different disciplines finding my own eclectic language, as my life, body and style of movement change and evolve simultaneously. I have learnt a lot through my study of yoga and meditation and I am so thankful to have these techniques as anchors in our fast and flashy modern world. This is why I love to share yoga with those around me, in hope that they can tap into the benefits of this ancient wisdom, which really is all about harnessing what is within us already. 


I teach yoga in pop up locations, on retreats and privately within the Northern Rivers under the name The Sunflower Sutra. I started to teach in this way as I found I needed some flexibility after having a baby. My practice has evolved and changed over the years and is often a reflection of the time I find myself in. For example, when I was pregnant I focused a lot on meditation and restorative yoga! I get lots of inspiration from my friends who are also yoga teachers all around the world, books (particularly old yoga books), workshops with teachers I admire, and vipassana retreats. 



Right now I am teaching in some of the beautiful halls around the Byron Bay hinterland and popping up in some retreat spaces. You can follow my offerings @thesunflowersutra on instagram for update