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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Edit

Red lipstick for halloween makeup

Halloween is here and you might find yourself in a panic if you haven't planned your costume or makeup yet.

Not to worry! We've got you covered with some last-minute Halloween makeup ideas that are easy to execute and will have you looking gorgeously spooky at your Halloween festivities. 


1. Classic Cat Makeup:

Turn yourself into a fierce feline with a classic cat makeup look. All you need is black eyeliner for whiskers, a little nose and lip colour, and some dramatic winged eyeliner. Add some cat ears, and you're ready. 

Bright Stripe Black Eyeliner 




2. Creepy Doll Makeup:

Dolls can be quite eerie when done right. Use white face paint or foundation to create a doll-like complexion, draw on exaggerated doll eyes with dark eyeliner and mascara, and add rosy cheeks. 

Foundation Palette




3. Glamorous Witch: Create a bewitching look with dramatic smoky eyes, dark lipstick, and green or purple eyeshadow. Don't forget the iconic witch's hat and a broomstick to complete your ensemble.


4. Scarecrow Makeup:

A scarecrow look is easy to pull off with some brown eyeliner for "stitches" on your face and a red triangle on your nose. Pair it with a flannel shirt, straw hat, and jeans for the full effect.


5. Pop Art Makeup:

Embrace the comic book style with pop art makeup. Apply a bold, colourful eyeshadow and outline your features with black eyeliner. Add dots to mimic the comic book printing style. This look is simple but incredibly eye-catching.

A pop of colour Eyeshadow 


So get busy with these last-minute makeup ideas that are perfect for a quick fix to costume dramas.

Happy trick or treating!

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