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The Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Awaken your senses with the traditional Ayurvedic practice of dry brushing...

This stimulative exercise has an array of benefits for your general well-being and is a great habit to get into.

The physical act of brushing increases your circulation, aids digestion, exfoliates, stimulates the nervous system and has a powerful and positive impact on your body's detoxification processes, not to mention leaving you feeling completely invigorated. So let's unpack what it does and how to master the magical at-home pre-shower massage that will change your life (or at least your beauty routine!).

All dry brushing should be done before showering or bathing; it is also wonderful to incorporate with a steam or sauna if you are treating yourself - as you should! Always begin from the bottom up, so start at your feet and gradually work your way up to your heart; brush your feet and legs with fluid strokes before brushing your stomach and back area; remember to slow down and move in a clockwise direction whilst setting your mind to connect with your digestion so as to promote organic regularity before going up your arms to your armpits and chest. Here, you should move the brush in smaller circular motions; this encourages your lymphatic system to drain fluids and fight infection. Brushing will urge your body to sweat, naturally excreting excess toxins and taking some of the workload off your lymph nodes. Add moderate pressure to the brush, and be cautious of more sensitive areas, such as sunburn, moles or skin lesions; you should never break the skin or leave abrasive marks. If you have very sensitive skin, you can use a dry washcloth for a softer version that will still have positive and energising results.

Dry brushing is becoming an ever-popular form of exfoliation as it is gentler on your skin than hot water from a bath or shower, so you can do a satisfying deep clean without stripping any natural oils. When choosing a dry brush, look for one with stiff bristles made of natural fibres; these coarser fibres will do all the work for you by removing dead skin cells and allowing toxins to leave your body via your pores. Try our Eco Wooden Dry Brush; the soft cotton handle makes it super easy to keep control of and reach all desired areas. It is advised to brush before every shower, but as often as possible works too; like many things, regularity is the key to reaping the most benefits. Look forward to a smoother, softer skin texture whilst sporting a fresh, radiant glow - brusha brusha brusha!

Small little rituals that equate to a happier sense of being...