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Luxe Body Butter - Gaia

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Plant Powered Skin Food (135g)

Plant powered skin food your body will love you for. This body butter is made from the most pure, organic, natural and unrefined ingredients available to nourish your skin from top to toe, with absolutely NO harmful preservatives or toxic additives. 

Cacay oil, known for its anti-ageing benefits, is added into the formulation for its high amount of natural Retinol, which is a component known to reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone.
Gaia has a citrus top note which fades to a balance of woody essential oils including rosewood, patchouli and frankincense, resulting in a light, rosy, earthy and feminine scent.

This product contains no water and no preservatives giving you the ultimate benefit of the included ingredients.
Gai body butter is around 5 times the concentration of a water-based cream, making it more economical as you can use less and still receive maximum benefits. 

Take a small amount, rub and warm between your hands to melt the butter then apply to skin. As this is a water free product leave up to 10 minutes to soak into skin.

Unrefined Shea butterOrganic coconut oil; Organic Jojoba oil; Sweet almond oil; Wild harvested cold pressed Cacay oil; Vitamin E; Essential oils of sweet orange, rosewood, patchouli & frankincense.


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