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A Brief History... With Coach Honey Bachan

Honey Bachan is a highly skilled and transformative coach in women's self alignment and aligned business practices. She is dedicated to guiding individuals towards unlocking their full potential and achieving personal growth. With a compassionate and intuitive approach, Honey helps clients gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and create a path towards success and fulfillment. Through powerful coaching techniques and unwavering support, Honey Bachan empowers individuals to lead purposeful and meaningful lives.

Coaching With Honey


Tell us a little bit about you. Where did you grow up and how did you end up where you are today?

I grew up in the countryside of coastal Victoria on a hobby farm near Phillip Island. It was a lovely way to grow up spending time with the goats and the donkey, swimming in the ocean and playing in paddocks before the internet became such a huge part of our world. How I ended up where I am today is such a long and windy story it's better kept for some future memoir! There were lots of twists and turns that went through Law School, studying Fine Arts and being a visual artist, working in the design industry and building a traditional Yoga school!

What inspired you to get into womens’ empowerment and personal development?

Initially I had a strong urge to dedicate my life's work to this after I was in an abusive relationship - this relationship whittled down my self-esteem so badly that I was truly unrecognizable. When I got myself out of that situation was when this idea started to form. It's built momentum over the last 6 years as I continue to work with really incredible women who are letting low self-worth and confidence stop them from pursuing their dreams.

It upsets me greatly to learn that these women have brilliant, impactful and likely to be very successful ideas that they're holding back from the world because of their negative self-image. All of my work, be it business or personal, is aiming to get women to know themselves better and commit to start honouring themselves in their daily lives.

When you are not working, what is your favourite relaxation activity?

Reading. Absolutely reading! I read on average 12-15 books per month and if I could I would just spend all day reading! I especially read thrillers, mysteries and a little bit of horror but do allow a literary moment here and there! I love getting to know new characters and being immersed in different settings and I also love testing my mind to see if I can put the puzzle together before the twists get spelled out! I read print, Kindle and audiobook and I love to support my local library too. Years ago I used to mainly read personal development/self-help or wellness type books and I'm loving now just reading for pleasure!

You provide many offerings, what are these?

Mainly I offer 1:1 Coaching intensives, both for Personal and Business growth, in these we commit to going to deep and making big changes in a quick time frame, these are really great for women who are a bit fed up with themselves and their inaction and need a really strong jumpstart with expert advice and accountability support.

Otherwise I offer self-led workshops that range from things like getting to know your values and starting to live a life driven by them all the way through to social media strategy! I also have some quick-win embodiment tools like my Monthly Mood Notion board that acts as a monthly ritual to really concentrate your goals, manifestations and visions for the month ahead!

What are your top suggestions for enjoying a healthy, well-balanced life?

I have so many! In general I think educating yourself around gentle biohacking is probably the most helpful. Learning about the cycles that your body and your mind operates within like the female infradian 28 day cycle, our daily 24 hour circadian cycle and ultradian rhythm (how your brain cycles through capacities for concentration). Learn your chronotype and schedule according to it. And understanding the stress cycle, what it is and the ways that we can break it.

Never underestimate the power of physical movement. It is the quickest way to reset your mind! When most of my clients begin working with me they're are operating in a way that is against all of these systems/cycles and this means that they're swimming upstream constantly and usually in a place of burnout and that has a limiting flow on effect to how much that can achieve which them has a flow on negative effect to their self-esteem.

What is some personal advice you would love to share with our readers?

Stop allowing your mind and your history to dictate your future. Your thoughts are not always reliable. Sometimes we've been through bad experiences but it's a choice to allow them to set back our personal fulfillment. Stop second guessing yourself and waiting to feel confident before starting - confidence psychologically comes from doing. So if you wait for confidence you will literally never start!

I continue to work with really incredible women who are letting low self-worth and confidence stop them from pursuing their dreams.