Ananda Life Skincare Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller - Athena
Ananda Life Skincare Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller - Athena

Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller - Athena

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Rose Maroc, Rose & Amber (10mL)

Featuring a rich rosy floral aroma with a warm musk undertone, the Athena blend is designed to support a quiet mind and is a great addition applied before meditation. Athena will help with focus bringing you more firmly into the present.

Blended using skin-loving coconut oil, this aroma encourages peace and satisfaction with self. Using essential oil blends applied to aromatherapy pulse points can positively affect your mood. Purposefully placed aromas can communicate positive vibes through your body and mind. 

Packaged in a conveniently sized 10ml deluxe amber glass roller bottle.

Blended with

Rose Maroc- emotional recovery

Rose- soothing and relaxing

Amber- quiet the mind and ground yourself


Natural-productVegan product

Roll the Pulse Point Roller on wrists, temples and behind the ears to activate the blend.


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rose Maroc, Rose, Amber, Lavender essential oils

Loyal Crush

Is completely cruelty free

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