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Incense Burner & Holder - Frankincense & Juniperberry

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Frankincense & Juniperberry Incense Burner Set

A purifying scent which captures the woody earth tones of the Australian Bush.

Transport yourself outdoors with all natural Australian scents that are also made in Australia.

Frankincense and Juniper Berry burn with an earthy and woody scent.

All in one designer incense burner set with beautiful incense holder.

Includes: 15 pieces
D: 37 x 37 x 180mm

An all in one designer incense burner set.
Arriving to you with a brass holder, ash catcher and 15 incense sticks.

Take the brass lid from the packaging, turn over and place on the surface you wish to burn. Take the solid circular brass piece sitting on top of the incense sticks and place it either within the brass lid, or balancing on the edge of it.

Place the incense stick vertically into the holder and light your incense.

Let burn for a moment before blowing it out. You will see the ember ignite, sending the smoke from the incense wafting into the air.

Commence relaxation.

Frankincense & Juniperberry


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