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Australian Native Treatment Set

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A relaxing, invigorating and rebalancing treatment set

Discover the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the Addition Studio Australian Native Treatment Set. This comprehensive health and beauty set offers a complete detoxifying and rebalancing experience.

The set includes a Native Australian Body Scrub Sachet, combining Native Ground Wattleseed and Pink Ochre with Blue Cypress and Macadamia Oil for a truly invigorating scrub.

The Native Australian Bath Soak Sachet features Native White Ochre and Zeolite clay, enhanced with Kunzea and Fragonia Essential Oils, perfect for a soothing and detoxifying bath.

Additionally, the set includes an Australian Beige Clay Mask, along with a brush and glass dish, providing a powerful treatment to rebalance oil levels and promote skin repair. Indulge in this holistic treatment set to detox, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Body Scrub:
Pour the mixture onto your hands. Rub your hands together and then apply to your body - moving in a circular motion. Rinse off the mixture from your skin, by showering or submerging in a bath. Wash lightly with soap to remove excess particles and oil.

Bath Soak:
For a deeply relaxin and remedial experience, simply pour the sachet into a running bath. While soaking, breathe deeply and exhale any bodily tension. Soak in the solution.

Clay Mask:
Shake approximately one teaspoon into the glass dish provided. Add a small amount of water, and mix into a smooth paste using the brush included.
Once you have a smooth consistency brush the mixture onto your face. You can also apply the other oil on toxin hot-spots like the chest and shoulders. Next, turn on some relaxing music and chill out wile the clay dries. Once dried wash off the mixture in a shower or bath.

Body Scrub: 55gm
Australian pink clay, Australian ground wattleseed, macadmia oil, epsom salt (not native), coconut sugar (not native), Australian Blue Cypress Essential oil, White Cypress essential oil.

Bath Soak: 55gm
Australian ivory clay, zeolite clay, epsom salt (not native), Australian macadamia oil, Australian kunzea essential oil, fragoina essential oil.

Clay Mask: 55gm
Australian beige clay.


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