Biode Skincare Biode - Air Drying Soap Holder
Biode Skincare Biode - Air Drying Soap Holder

Air Drying Soap Holder

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This air drying soap holder can be affixed to your shower wall or next to your sink to significantly prolong the life of your Biode® soap and hair care bars. The self-adhesive strip firmly grips the wall while the magnet allows your soap to air dry with no wastage.

Made from bamboo, which is highly resistant to mould and mildew, this specially designed holder is minimal and sleek, to look great in your bathroom while also taking care of your shampoo and conditioner bars.

Biodegradable Packaging


      Ensure wall is clean and dry.

      Remove adhesive cover† from back of dryer and stick to wall. Be sure you are happy with placement before attaching, as adhesive is very strong.

      Gently insert the magnet cap into centre of flat face of soap bar. Soap will now attach to holder via magnet and air dry in between uses.

      Be sure to place holder(s) out of direct shower stream or spray to ensure soap has the chance to dry between uses.

      † The adhesive strip cover is not compostable (yet!) We are working hard to find an Earth friendly solution.


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      Is completely cruelty free

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