Biode Hair Care Biode - Hand & Body Wash (100g)
Biode Hair Care Biode - Hand & Body Wash (100g)

Hand & Body Wash

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With Olive & Coconut Oils (100g)

Zero waste and home compostable this hand and body bar includes skin hydrating ingredients and Biode's own signature blend of oils called  ‘Into the Ocean’. These  include petitgrain, spearmint, juniper berry and lemon tea tree to cleanse and hydrate as well as offer anti-bacterial qualities.

Each bar is the equivalent of approximately five bottles of liquid soap and is suitable for all skin types.


Biodegradable Packaging


      This bar can be used on all skin types and is perfect for hands and body.

      For best results and longevity of your bar, we recommend using one of our air drying magnet holders in your shower recess or basin.


      Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Stearate [Olive Oil Derived] Aqua, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerine [Palm Free], Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Tetrasodium Glutomate Diacetate*, Essential Oils of: Petitgrain, Rosewood, Spearmint, Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Peru Balsam, Lemon Tea Tree

      *Naturally Derived

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