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Eco Vegan Smudge & Shade Brush

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Vegan 2 in 1 Brush

The Eco Vegan Smudge & Shade Brush is a versatile 2-in-1 brush designed specifically for eyeshadow application. It features a double-sided design with two different-sized applicators.

On one end of the brush, you have a compact bristle applicator that is perfect for applying eyeshadow as a liner under the eye. The fine bristles allow for precise and controlled application, enabling you to create line-perfect eyeshadow looks.

On the other end of the brush, you have a larger applicator that is great for applying eyeshadow to the lid. This side of the brush allows for broader strokes and more coverage, making it easier to apply eyeshadow to the larger areas of the eyelid.

The brush handle is made from biodegradable corn resin, which is an eco-friendly material. This means that the brush is not only vegan but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.

The Eco Vegan Smudge & Shade Brush is designed to blend and smudge eyeshadows seamlessly, making it ideal for creating smokey eye looks. It can also be used to feather out eyeshadows and pencils, giving you the ability to achieve a soft and natural eye makeup look.

1. Wash from base to the tip and rinse thoroughly.
2. Gently reshape the brush and allow to air-dry on flat surface. Do not stand brush on its end to dry.


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