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Radiant Oil

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With Frankincense, Ginger and Clary Sage Oil (10ml)

Radiant Oil is a combination of enlivening oils that includes Frankincense, Ginger and Clary Sage Oil with the added touch of luxury 24k gold leaf.

Used for its rejuvenating benefits this oil also promotes toxin elimination, stress reduction and can help relieve tension. 

Applied with a roll on applicator, Radiant Oil is designed to communicate directly to every cell in your body. Use the oil and supplied affirmation for direct communication to your pineal gland & third eye centre. 

Delivered in a linen pouch the affirmation reads 'Every cell in my body is radiant with golden light'. Consider this affirmation and allow it to be absorbed with the oil application as part of your daily body ritual.


Use this affirmation while applying oil to arch of your feet before bed or meditation. Applying essential oil to the bottoms of your feet is effective because your soles are key absorption points.

Organic Frankincense Oil, Ginger Oil, Organic Clary Sage Oil, Frankincense Resin, 24k Gold Leaf, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Artemisia.


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