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Hibernate + Chill

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The perfect after-care for when you've finished a workout or just recovering from a late night, the 'HIbernate + Chill' blend delivers a helping hand. 

Ingredients like Licorice, with over 300 chemical compounds and flavonoids, can assist in reducing body fat as well as fighting infection.

Marshmallow root is a natural anti-inflammatory and can assist with alleviating stress.

For those mornings you need an energising boost minus the caffeine the 'Alive & Energise' blend includes the active ingredients you need for a natural lift. 

It's the perfect blend for a pick-me-up.

Add 1-2 teaspoons to a cup and steep in hot water for 4 minutes to extract the full flavour and benefits.

Licorice, Marshmallow, Chamomile, Siberian Ginseng, Rosehip, Turmeric Root and Skullcap Leaf.


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