Ananda Life Skincare Magnesium Oil Spray - Pure
Ananda Life Skincare Magnesium Oil Spray - Pure

Magnesium Oil Spray - Pure

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100% Pure Zechstien Magnesium (200mL)

A pure blend of magnesium chloride, trace minerals and distilled waters, this blend does not include essential oils so it has a very subtle, natural aroma. 

The magnesium oil is sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed and extracted using sustainable technology from an underground layer of salt located approximately 1600 meters below the surface. The Zechstein Sea existed during the Permian era approximately 250 million years ago and is believed to be the most pure source of magnesium and other trace minerals.

Magnesium spray is commonly used for muscle and joint pain, relief from cramping and can help with muscle recovery.

8 sprays delivers approximately 100g elemental magnesium.




Spritz on your body.


Zechstein magnesium chloride and trace minerals; distilled water

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Is completely cruelty free

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