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Makeup Sponge

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Makeup Sponge - Deep Pink

Applying your make up just got easier with our easy-to-use makeup sponge.

These makeup sponges are latex free and can be used wet or dry for easy application and blending of makeup. 

Use the flat end to apply makeup liberally to the face and the 'pointy' end to work around the eyes, nose and mouth for more precision blending. 

Sponges offer uniform application of makeup that is smooth and even. They deliver an even layer and blend makeup beautifully so you don't see streaks or lines, so are great for applying the base layer of makeup (for coverage) and then the alternate layers of colour variation (for contouring).

The sponge is flexible and comfortable to use. You can also wash after use with soap or face cleanser.

Use the rounded side for blending, the flat edge for contouring, and the pointed tip for concealing. Use damp or dry with liquid foundations, bronzers, or self-tanners.

For best results, wash your sponge with mild soap and water then store it in a dry, well-ventilated area making sure that air can access all surfaces of the sponge.

Non Latex Foam


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