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Biode - The Heroes Of Conscious Beauty

The Australian-born beauty brand, Biode is a mover and shaker within the industry for its sustainable solutions.

It's common nowadays to hear the phrases ‘organic, clean and environmentally friendly', but understanding what that actually means and how that breaks down from ingredients, to packaging, to manufacturing processes is where it really matters. Biode’s ethos is all about channelling nature for its powerful systems by going full circle from start to finish; where a product ends up is just as important as where it begins.

Biode’s packaging is 100% compostable, meaning it is 100% waste-free i.e. it is in no way contributing to the immeasurable levels of waste that, unfortunately, is a massive byproduct of the beauty and skincare industry. Compostable materials go one step further than biodegradable ones. During the composting process, the material breaks down whilst producing a natural substance called humus (not to be confused with your favourite chickpea-based dip). This humus is packed with nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, basically soil's best friends.

This translates to a product that gives back to the earth as fully as possible. So when you have finished with one of their products, whether a deodorant tube, a cornstarch bag or a soap box, these can go directly into your compost or green bin. Alternatively, tear up the material into small pieces and put it directly into the ground with a potted plant or in your herb garden!

With Biode, it's what is on the inside that counts too! Like their packaging, they ensure that everything within a Biode product comprises completely natural components; moving away from harsh metals and chemicals that significantly impact our bodies and the earth. Don’t be fooled, though, as this doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. We can confirm that once you switch to Biode, you won’t turn back. Natural deodorants may sound like something that won’t be enough to combat those sweaty gym workouts or the intense Australian summer sun, but high concentrations of quality essential oils and fresh-smelling and feeling elements tell a different story. Biode never wants to create a product that deters your body from doing its natural processes. Sweating is a hugely crucial detoxifying technique that shouldn’t be squandered with antiperspirants; these deodorants work in harmony with your body rather than against it. Their selection has something for everyone; if you have sensitive skin, we suggest their Carb-Free Option; if you want something more heavy-duty, we recommend their Into the Woods fragrance. And their luscious line doesn't stop there, they have developed nourishing Shampoo and Conditioning bars that can provide you with up to 200 washes, so it is not only friendly for the planet but also for your wallet. Using delicious ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric and olive that have antibacterial properties gives you a deep and healthy clean result every time. We are also obsessed with their range of lip balms, subtle pigmented with native ingredients such as pink clay and rosehip oil; these are a welcome remedy for dry lips that double up as a cheek tint for a sweet, rosy glow. For us, there is nothing better than multipurpose, earth-loving products that you can rely on to perform and restore, which is why we choose Biode.

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