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Top Winter Makeup Trends: Hydrated Skin, Bold Lips, and More

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On-Trend Winter Makeup Tips

When the days get colder and we move into winter there's some skin care and beauty tips and tricks to keep top of mind. Taking these extra steps in your routine  can create glowing, hydrated skin and keep your make up up to date with the latest trends. Whether you want a subtle glow or a bold look, we've got you covered. Click the links below to jump to the sections you're most interested in.

Hydrating Skin Prep

Winter's cold air and low humidity strip skin of moisture leading to dryness and flakiness. To combat this, it's crucial to start your makeup routine with proper skin hydration. Begin with a rich, hydrating moisturiser that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which help lock in moisture and keep your skin plump. A well-moisturised base will ensure your makeup applies smoothly and lasts longer throughout the day.

Top Tip: Add a splash of moisturiser to your makeup sponge/brush and apply your liquid makeup and moisturiser together.

In addition to your moisturiser, consider using a hydrating primer. Primers create a barrier between your skin and makeup, providing an extra layer of hydration and ensuring your makeup stays put. Look for primers with nourishing ingredients like vitamins E and B5, which soothe and protect the skin. Applying a hydrating primer will also help minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores, giving you a flawless finish.

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Don't forget about your lips and under-eye area, which are particularly susceptible to dryness in winter. Use a hydrating lip balm and an eye cream to keep these delicate areas soft and smooth. By focusing on hydration, you'll create a perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion even in the coldest months.

Warm-Toned Eyeshadow

This winter, warm-toned eyeshadows are making a significant impact in the beauty world. Shades like burnt oranges, deep browns, and shimmering golds are not only seasonally appropriate but also incredibly flattering. These colours add warmth to your look and can make your eyes stand out, whether you're going for a subtle daytime appearance or a more dramatic evening look.

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To create a trendy warm-toned eye look, start by applying a matte brown shade to your crease to add depth. For a touch of glam, apply a shimmering gold or bronze shadow to the centre of your lids and inner corners. This technique will give your eyes a multi-dimensional effect, making them appear larger and more vibrant.

Top Tip: Blend a burnt orange or terracotta shade onto your lids for a pop of colour.

For those who love a smoky eye, warm tones can be a great alternative to the traditional black or grey. Blend a dark brown or burgundy shade along your lash line and outer corners, then soften the edges with a warm transition colour. Finish with a few coats of mascara to complete your look. Whether you're keeping it subtle or going bold, warm-toned eyeshadows are a must-try this winter.

Bold Lip Colours

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with bold lip colours that make a statement. Rich reds, deep plums, and vibrant burgundies are really popular this season, offering a sophisticated and striking look. These shades not only complement the winter palette but also add a touch of elegance to any makeup style. A bold lip colour can convey and strong and adventurous personality, so if you're looking to make an impression, go for this colour.

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When choosing the exact colour take the finish into consideration. Matte lipsticks are particularly popular in winter as they provide a long-lasting, chic look that doesn't easily smudge. If you prefer a bit of shine, opt for a satin or glossy finish. Use a hydrating lip balm, then apply a lip liner in a matching shade to define your lips and prevent feathering.

Top Tip: To ensure your colour stays put, start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dry skin. 

For a modern twist, try an ombre lip by blending two complementary shades. Apply a darker colour to the outer corners of your lips and a lighter shade in the centre, then blend the edges for a seamless transition. This technique creates the illusion of fuller lips and adds dimension to your look. 

Glowing Cheeks

Even though the weather might be dull, your cheeks can still radiate a healthy glow. Creamy blushes are perfect for winter, as they blend seamlessly into the skin and provide a natural, dewy finish. Opt for shades like peach or rose to add a subtle flush of colour that mimics the natural warmth of your skin.

To apply, use your fingers or a makeup sponge to tap the blush onto the apples of your cheeks, then blend upwards towards your temples. This technique lifts and sculpts your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. For added radiance, apply a highlighter to the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose. Choose a highlighter with a creamy or liquid formula for a more natural, lit-from-within glow.

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If you prefer a powder blush, make sure to use a light hand and build up the colour gradually. Powder formulas can be layered over a cream base for extra staying power. Whether you go for cream or powder, glowing cheeks are a great way to brighten up your complexion and add a touch of warmth to your winter makeup routine.

Long-Lasting Mascara

Ensure your lashes stand out this winter with a long-lasting, waterproof mascara. Cold, windy weather can make eyes water, so it's essential to choose a formula that won't smudge or run. Look for mascaras that promise length and volume, as these will give your lashes a fuller, more dramatic look.

Before applying mascara, use an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes. This step opens up your eyes and makes them appear larger. When applying mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand upwards to ensure each lash is coated evenly. For extra volume, consider layering two different mascaras—start with a lengthening formula and finish with a volumizing one.

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For those with sensitive eyes, choose a hypoallergenic mascara to avoid irritation. If you're looking for an extra touch of drama, consider using false lashes or lash extensions. They can provide a more intense look and last through various winter activities. Long-lasting mascara is a must-have in your winter makeup arsenal, ensuring your lashes stay defined and beautiful all day long.

Final Word

It's an ideal time to update your makeup routine with the latest trends. Focus on keeping your skin hydrated, play with bold lip colours, and experiment with warm-toned eyeshadows to add a touch of seasonal warmth. Don't forget to highlight your cheeks for a healthy glow and choose a long-lasting mascara to withstand the winter weather. These tips will help you look stylish and radiant all winter long. Embrace the season with confidence and enjoy trying out new makeup looks to keep your beauty routine fresh and exciting.

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