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10 Party Ideas For Best Friends

Party with friends at home

Throwing a party with your girlfriends can be a fantastic way to relax, catch up, and have some fun. Here are some creative party ideas tailored for a girls’ get-together:

Spa Day Party
Transform your home into a spa oasis. Lay out face masks, body scrubs, and nail polish for DIY manicures and pedicures. You can also have aromatherapy with essential oils and relaxing music to set the mood.

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Potluck Dinner Party
Invite everyone to bring a dish to share. It can be themed, like Italian or Mexican night, or just a general mix of everyone's favourite dishes. It's a great way to enjoy a variety of foods and discover new recipes.

Movie Marathon Night
Choose a theme—like rom-coms, classic films, or a favourite actor—and hunker down with popcorn, candy, and blankets. Make it cozy with lots of cushions and fairy lights.

Crafting Party
Pick a project like making jewellery, custom t-shirts, or scrapbooking and spend the evening getting creative. Provide all the necessary supplies and maybe a tutorial or two for those who are new to crafting.

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Wine Tasting Evening
Have each friend bring a bottle of wine. Lay out various cheeses, crackers, and fruits to pair with the wine. You can make it educational by researching the wines or just enjoy discovering new favourites.

Bring along a wine hamper and some special treats as a gift for the host.

Tea Party
Host an afternoon tea party with a variety of teas, scones, clotted cream, and delicate sandwiches. Dressing up in your finest attire can add an element of fun and make for great photos.

Fitness Party
If you and your girlfriends enjoy staying active, host a fitness party. This could be a yoga session, a dance workout, or even a short hike followed by some healthy treats.

Book Club Party
Start a book club with your girlfriends. Choose a book to read and discuss it at your party. Combine it with some wine and snacks for a perfect evening of intellectual conversation and fun.

Beauty Swap Party
Have everyone bring beauty products they no longer use or want. Swap items so everyone comes away with something new to try. It’s a great way to recycle products and try something new without spending money.

Game Night
Pull out board games, card games, or video games and enjoy a night of friendly competition. Snacks and drinks can make the evening even more enjoyable.

These are the ultimate 'girls night in' parties and can be customised to your group's preferences and include various activities or themes to keep things interesting. Have fun planning your next get-together!

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