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Loving What Is - Heart & Immune Tonic

Immunity Tonic Recipe


"This heart and immune supporting syrup is something I always love making around this time of year to give my body that extra boost of vitamin C I crave. I also like to think of it as a warm hug to my heart and all my organs that work so hard for me everyday. I called this syrup, “Loving what is” because when taken daily it is a beautiful reminder to be with what is in the present and check in with how I am feeling. Take me medicinally or dribble me on your Sunday stack of pancakes and enjoy!" - Sophie Haber


“Loving what is”

Heart & Immune Tonic


1/2 C dried rosehips
1/2 C dried elderberrys
¼ C  Hawthorn berries
4 C Filtered Water
T dried Sage
1 C Honey
Splash of Whiskey





Simmer 4 cups of water with rosehips, elderberries, and hawthorn berries until everything reduces by half.

Next add your dried sage, let seep for about 15 min in your mixture and then strain everything.



Add your honey and a small splash of whiskey to preserve your syrup.

Bottle your syrup into jars and take a spoonful a day as is or in your favourite beverage to boost your vitamin C and give some love to your hard working heart.




Recipe and images by Sophie Haber
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