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Top 5 Ethical Beauty Products For Your Wedding Day

Natural wedding makeup

As you embark on the path to your wedding day—a celebration where love blooms and a new journey begins—every little detail mirrors the essence of your joy and commitment. Among these, your choice of wedding makeup is more than a touch of colour; it's a reflection of your personal journey and who you have become on your special day.

Express your individuality as it's captured on camera for a lifetime and the most beautiful looks are made through independence and expressing your own personality. 

At Loyal Crush, we understand that the essence of wedding day beauty transcends aesthetics. It’s about feeling deeply connected to your true self, radiant and full of light. Our selection of makeup is a tribute to your authenticity and a commitment to wellness and ethical living.

Let's take a look at five carefully chosen products that are not just about creating a look but about nourishing your preferences and embracing a way of living.

Ere Perez Foundation:

Start your makeup routine with a foundation that not only matches your skin tone perfectly but also respects the environment. Our plant-based, cruelty-free foundation products offer full coverage while nourishing your skin with natural ingredients.

Ere Perez Makeup Oat Milk Foundation

Natural makeup with amazing coverage - Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation

Eye Of Horus Blush & Highlight:

Enhance your cheeks with this richly pigmented blush & highlight duo, designed to give you that natural, rosy glow. With Moringa Oil and Desert Clay its composition creates long-wearing drama, promising a burst of colour that’s vibrant and flattering (especially in front of the camera lens).

Eye of Horus Makeup Complexion Duo Luminate

Eye Of Horus Highlight & Blush Duo


Flavedo & Albedo Luminous Eyeshadow:

Elevate your look with this subtle and inspired shade by Flavedo & Albedo. This eyeshadow is crafted from minerals and ethical mica, ensuring your eyes sparkle with joy on your special day.

Flavedo & Albedo Makeup Velvet Eyeshadow Rose Quartz

Flavedo & Albedo Eye Makeup

Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara:

Define your lashes with this eco-friendly mascara. Formulated for sensitive eyes and derived from natural sources, it's designed to lengthen and volumise without harm, ensuring your beauty is a testament to your values.

Eye of Horus Makeup Goddess Mascara - Babylon Brown

Goddess Mascara Black

Suzy Nourishing Lipstick:

Complete your look with a swipe of our hydrating lipstick. Available in a range of shades to suit your unique style, this lipstick combines lasting colour with moisturising benefits.

Suzy. Lipsticks Lipstick Satin Luxe Honey

We recommend 'Honey' for a gorgeous natural lip

As you step into your wedding day, Loyal Crush is here to support your desire for beauty choices that align with your values of wellness and ethical living. Let’s create a look that’s not only beautiful but meaningful, using products that are good for you and gentle on the planet.

On this significant day, let your true beauty shine through—a reflection of love, authenticity, and a commitment to a kinder world. Join us in embracing makeup that not only looks good but feels right, marking the beginning of your journey in the most positive way.


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