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3 Step Self-Compassion Practice With Chibs Okereke

This 3 step self-compassion meditation is designed to help you free yourself from negative self-talk and cultivate self-love with ease.

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Autumn Meditation With Sophie Haber

Embrace autumnal vibes with a guided meditation that connects you to the soothing essence of the season.

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Nervous System Meditation With Paige Harris

Enjoy this meditation to soothe the nervous system, promoting relaxation, balance, and inner peace.

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Awareness Of Thoughts With Chibs Okereke

A meditation to quiet the mind and cultivate a greater awareness of thoughts.

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The Radiant Meditation With Claire Law

Radiant meditation refers to a practice that involves cultivating a state of inner radiance or light during meditation.

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Sound Bowl With Emma Casey

Sound bowl meditation is a form of meditation that uses resonant sound vibrations to achieve a state of inner peace.

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The Golden Meditation With Claire Law

Created to activate your entire body on a cellular level, this meditation clarifies your mind and puts your entire being into perfect harmony.

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Awareness Of Emotions With Chibs Okereke

Get into your process a bit. The quality of handiwork, proprietary knowledge, or materials that you use that make your products better.

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Tuning In With Ana Villarreal

The Tuning In meditation with sound bowls is a practice that combines the power of sound and the principles of awareness meditation.

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Bliss Meditation With Claire Law

The Bliss Meditation aims to take you beyond traditional feelings of happiness and material joy.

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