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RECIPE: Zesty Turmeric Tonic

Zesty Tumeric Tonic Recipe

Escape winter with this bright, immune-supporting tonic - a sip of sunshine in your day brought to you by our resident nutritionist, Holly Nash.

Enjoy as a morning or afternoon pick me up, hot or cold. Black pepper, whilst it may sound like a strange addition, actually boosts the body's ability to absorb the beneficial anti-inflammatory compound curcumin in turmeric. The Orchard St Immune Drops add a beautiful flavour and with an impressive ingredients list of echinacea, elderflower, Kakadu plum, and raw local honey they are sure to boost your vitamin C intake and help support your immune system throughout these cooler months.

Makes 1 large Mug or 2 Small Cups


- 1/3 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
- 1 tbs freshly finely grated turmeric (use 1/4 tsp powdered if you can’t find fresh)
- 1tbs freshly finely grated ginger
- Pinch of freshly ground black pepper
- 20 Orchard St Immune Drops
- 2/3 cup near-boiling water


1. Juice the oranges and grate the ginger and turmeric (preferably on a small Microplane grater)

2. Place these in your mug, grind in the black pepper, pour in the boiling water and then add the immune drops.

3. Stir well and sip away, preferably enjoying the beautiful winter sun!

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