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Axiology Is Revolutionising Beauty With Fully Compostable Lipsticks

Axiology Founder Ericka

The statistics are staggering. 120 BILLION - that's the amount of packaging waste the beauty industry generates each year.

As advocates for a cleaner and greener planet, how do we even begin to address such an immense issue?

This is where companies like Axiology step in, providing not just a solution but a revolution in the beauty industry. With the launch of their new line of lipsticks, Axiology presents to the world a cosmetic product that is not only gentle on the lips but kind to our Earth as well.

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Founded after two years of meticulous research, which included countless hours of kitchen experiments (and a rather disgruntled roommate!), Axiology started as a small brand on Etsy. With a mere 10 ingredients, owner Ericka brought to life 6 unique shades of vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks. The initial success was unparalleled. The smooth, buttery texture combined with a commitment to clean and ethical ingredients quickly captured the attention of global retailers like Credo.

But a few years into the journey, a realisation dawned. The 50% post-consumer recycled plastic tubes, while a step forward, were still contributing to the mammoth problem of packaging waste. There had to be more that could be done. And thus, the decision was made.

In 2022, Axiology took a bold step. They said goodbye to plastics, recognising that to create a real impact, small changes weren't enough. What the world needed was a shift, a revolution!

Compostable Lipsticks

And so, the fully compostable lipstick was born.

These lipsticks are innovative and represent the future of the beauty industry. Encased in fully compostable materials, they leave zero waste behind. Every tube, once its contents are used up, can be returned to the Earth, completing a full circle of sustainable beauty.

But Axiology's commitment goes beyond just their product. They are setting a precedent, challenging beauty brands globally to reconsider their packaging choices. Because at the end of the day, beauty should be about celebrating and uplifting, not just ourselves, but the world we inhabit.

So, as you swipe on that shade of Axiology lipstick, know that it's more than just a beauty product. It's a promise towards a greener, more beautiful future.

Join the movement, and let's together redefine the standards of beauty, making the switch to plastic-free elegance.

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